Why, CastIron Carousel? Why?

Everyone's got to have one of these and so do we...

FAQ – Fervently Agitating for Quality

Q • Why don't you do shows for children?

A • It's really a matter of our interests and what else is available out there. Puppet shows in America really break down into two categories; Shows for children and lewd shows for adults only. Generally, the shows that are made for children represent the best that puppetry has to offer, exquisite sets and puppets, beautiful stories and solid values or meaning. Conversely, Adult shows tend to be poorly crafted and raunchy, going for shock value above craftsmanship. The CastIron Carousel aims at the vast untapped middle. We want to make beautiful, well crafted shows with heart and story but we also want to shock you a bit and make you reevaluate preconceived notions you might hold. Our stories are appropriate for some children but, please, don't bring your four year-old, we don't want to be responsible for their therapy bills.

Q • Are your shows pornographic?

A • NO! When people hear that we do “Adult puppet shows”, they think of puppetry of the penis or Meet the Feebles.” While we have a lot of respect for those daring and highly amusing works, we go for something different. We aim to entertain, inspire, frighten, engage, educate and amuse but not so much to titillate. You might consider us PG-13 if you like. We are dedicated to telling good stories and often our tales have bad ends but not a whole lot of bare ends. Come for the artistry not for the Puppet Fligrante Dilecto.

Q • Where do you perform?

A • We have performed at cafes such as Ross Island Grocery & Proper Eats Market Cafe. We have performed in Libraries such as Olympia & Renton. Lounges like The Someday Lounge & Backspace, and theaters such as The Winningstad & Liberty Hall. We are also working to make a niché puppetry space at the CastIron Carousel Studio at Cathedral Park Place where audiences can reliably find puppetry events throughout the year not just during our show season.

Q • When is you show season?

A • Our performance season runs from Mid-October through Mid-July during which time you will find us performing in the Portland area as well as traveling to Washington and California. From Late July through Early October, we are working on and rehearsing new shows to present for the following season. We are also doing teaching events woodworking demos as part of our mission to spread the art of puppetry.

Q • Do you ever have classes?

A • It is in our mission statement to teach puppetry and make available the skills and techniques of our form of puppetry and others for people to learn and carry on the art of puppetry in their own lives and perhaps, careers. At this time we are not set up to do large classes and so we invite people to volunteer during our building period on new shows and learn on-the-job as it were. If you are interested, please sign up by writing to us at: castiron_carousel@hotmail.com or signing up on the “Contact Us” section of this web site.