Adam's dark folktales have much to do with the style and aesthetic of the CastIron Carousel. A madcap creative presence, Adam seeks out the absurd and the unnerving in equal measure.  A retired Puppeteer himself, Adam also knows how to write a story that will make the performance of his shows fluid and seamless.

Casey has not only brought fabulous experience and ingenuity to The Carousel's soundscapes but he continues to grow and get more brilliant! Always looking for the best way to convey an idea to the audience and the easiest way for puppeteers to work within his sound - Even if it makes his own life harder! Casey is the ultimate team player.

Dandy Pants, lover of love, music, food, art, puppets, people watching, human behavior and bacon chocolate, has been working with The CastIron Carousel since 2005 and has worked up from the mailroom since then. Beginning as a stage hand on “The Horrible House of Dr. Hadrian”, Dandy became the lead actor in our play, “The Curious Chronicles of Daniel Candlewick,” Playing Daniel Candlewick himself. Dandy is a level headed and diligent performer with a natural empathy that brings out the heart of the character straight to the audience.

I'm a Portland local puppeteer who grew up in the Bay Area in California. I'm an artist who has dabbled in a number of mediums from pencil drawing to clay sculpting. I have always been attracted to trying new mediums and materials. Eventually, I found I was unable to settle on any one material or art form. I was always advised to focus on one thing but found I couldn't. I was incapable of giving up all my various interests in order become a master of just one thing.

Lighthouse is another California transplant and has been friends with, Artistic Director, Geahk Burchill since highschool. Initially he came into the troupe just to cover for an actor who couldn't perform one night but we soon discovered he has a storytelling knack and feel for the mood of an audience which made him perfect for puppetry. A joyful and yet sardonic comic presence, Lighthouse has most recently performed Curley in "Meeses Peeces", our adaptation of John Steinbeck's Classic, "Of Mice and Men."

Hawaii transplant, Nicole is a master of voice and character portrayal. Her background in improve theater as well as her love of challenging performance gives her a high calliber skill-set made for the rigors of puppetry. Not only is she talented actor but Nicole is a stunning musician, able to play piano, guitar, sax and a plethora of other instruments - Nicole builds the perfect music for any scene from scratch. As good at musical improv as she is at acting, she brings incalculable value to the Carousel.

Designer, audio enthusiast, and creative insomniac, Scott stepped in to do sound, lights, and curtains for our second performance run of Madness at Moorgate Prison and was so inspired by the play he ended up writing the play's macabre theme song. He even built this fancy web site for us.