The Curious Chronicles of Daniel Candlewick

Premiere Date: 
October 31, 2007

Young Daniel Candlewick finds himself in the difficult position of needing to help his widowed mother pay the mortgage on their small farm—a predicament made all the more difficult by the fact that the year is 1933 and Daniel is only ten years old.


Daniel has two options: work for Farmer John picking apples for a pittance, or become the apprentice of the mysterious Dr. Ameil Hadrian—a recluse rumored to be responsible for the strange mechanical-organic animal hybridizations that have been turning up dead on the highway of late. But Dr. Hadrian, you see, will pay well anyone who consents to be his apprentice—an offer too tempting for Daniel to refuse…


The Curious Chronicles of Daniel Candlewick is a forty-minute play performed entirely with marionettes: cunningly articulated miniature actors in beautifully ornate sets. A play in five acts plus prologue and epilogue, this dark tale is not recommended for small children.


After the performance, take the opportunity to ask and have your questions answered by the performers from the CastIron Carousel, and even get a chance to go back stage and see the sets and puppets up close!


There is no other marionette troupe in the U.S. that puts as much effort and craftsmanship into every detail of every performance. These intimate performances are a rare opportunity to see an ancient art form close up and in person.