Geahk Burchill - Artistic Director

I'm a Portland local puppeteer who grew up in the Bay Area in California. I'm an artist who has dabbled in a number of mediums from pencil drawing to clay sculpting. I have always been attracted to trying new mediums and materials. Eventually, I found I was unable to settle on any one material or art form. I was always advised to focus on one thing but found I couldn't. I was incapable of giving up all my various interests in order become a master of just one thing.

Then I discovered Puppets! Everything I was ever interested in could be wrapped up in one neat package. If I wanted to write a story, it could be used in a puppet show. If I wanted to paint, well there were plenty of backdrops to do! I could build miniature furniture, machines, costumes and environments. It satisfied my interest in woodworking, joinery, sculpture and miniatures. Then I found that it was an avenue into other art forms I had never considered! Sound Design, Lighting, even Film! I keep finding new things to play with and ways to create.

And so I suppose I have turned into something of a puppetry missionary hoping to convince other artists to dabble in the wonderfully seductive world of marionettes!