Alexei Salmonovitch Rostnikof

His father was a fishing boat captain who turned, later in life, to small time piracy and his mother, in the true Russian way, a baker and a depressive who loved literature and eventually hung herself.  Young Alexei performed in “Twelve Angry Men” in a small playhouse off of Kalinin Prospect as Juror number 6. and went on to playing tough guy roles in small television parts during the transition from Soviet to Capitalist Russia. In 1996 his father asked him to come with him to America. They set off in his fathers small fishing boat with the intent of wrecking the boat off the shore of Alaska and then petitioning the U.S. to let them stay. This hair-brained scheme never came to fruition, instead the boat was lost in a storm and Alexei's father drowned in the frozen North Pacific. Alexei swam to the shores of the Canadian Northwest Territories where he was eventually was naturalized as a Canadian Citizen and is now in the U.S. with the CastIron Carousel on a work visa.


Alexei's most recent role has been that of "Prisoner 404401" in the play, "The Madness at Moorgate Prison"

Alexei is a 15” tall Marionette made of wood, polymer clay and fabric. He has 9 strings.