Antonio Viducci

Antonio is a typical Stoop-ball playing Brooklyn kid. In highschool, despite ribbing and pressure from parents, friends and extended family, Antonio joined the Theater dept in 9th grade. With an awkward swagger and a show of bravado, what impressed his theater director was his vulnerability on stage. This led him to play Jefferson Smith in the school's production of, 'Mr Smith Goes to Washington', a role which stunned his friends, family and teachers with the power of the portrayal.

In college he worked with both the school theater and a repetory theater locally before moving to upstate New York to care for aging parents, putting his acting career on hold for several years. During this time he began spending time with the late outlaw Billy Wilson and was inducted into Billy's gang. Billy was later shot to death by police in a robbery which Viducci was involved in. Viducci was sentensed to six years at Clinton State Correctional but was released after three years on good behavior. During his time in prison he organized and performed three plays with other inmates. Two of the plays were written by inmates and the third was 'The Further Inquiry' by Ken Kesey. Unfortunately, Viducci lost his parents while he was still in prison. Since then he has worked to turn his life around and made acting the central part of his life since joining The CastIron Carousel.


Antonio Viducci has performed as George Milton in 'Meeses Peeces', Old Man (Heavily made up) in 'The Curious Chronicles of Daniel Candlewick' and played himself in 'The Madness at Moorgate Prison'.

Viducci is a wood and polymer clay marionette 16" tall with 13 strings.