Asenath Morrigan

Asenath is the den mother of the Morrigans and Thursbanes who live and toil in the small rural community or Fiddle Creak North Carolina. Things have been tough in this Appalachian county, a dark, ancient secret must be diligently guarded by a small band of country folk who may be the last, unthanked line of defense against a great and terrible evil lurkiing just on the other side of the thinness between worlds the exists here in this quiet, country place.

This hasn't been easy for Asenath. Such constant foreboding has created a rift between her and her mute daughter, Nutmeg-and a fierce split between her and her ex husband, the outsider, Professor Percival Randolph. Even her relationship with her Nephew, Jack Thursbane seems strained beyond reconciliation. Asenath has given much in her struggle to hold this important family together and has had to balance secrets and sometimes cruel machinations in order to do so.


Asenath is a major character in the upcoming play, 'The Doom That Came to Fiddle Creak'.

Asenath is a wooden marionette 16" tall with 15 strings.