Captain Obediah Coffin

Surprisingly robust for a tricentenarian, Obediah Coffin was born in Cornwall on the 26th of April 1660, before English spelling became standardized. Abandoning his wife and a thriving business as an innkeeper on Nantucket Island, Captain Coffin set sail for the land of Hen where he has spent the majority of his life fruitlessly searching for Sir Francis Drake's golden hind. Resurfacing in New Orleans where he experienced a temporary bout of madness, believing himself to be a Frenchman, and again in the small Vermont town of Stoker's Mill, where he masqueraded as a drunk, Captain Coffin was later spotted in San Francisco in the 1960's where he hobnobbed with such underground luminaries as Abbie Hoffman, Ken Kesey, and the Warlocks (later known as the Grateful Dead). The Captain enjoys acting in marionette plays because, as he puts it, "It's better than flipping burgers."


Cpt. Coffin is a 16" wooden marionette with 15 strings