Eli Happ

Eli Happ is a sprightly septuagenarian with a sassy sense of humor. Eli has led an interesting life, from his rough and tumble youth to his travels through the underbelly of New Orleans. A writer and actor, Eli spends much of his free time rocking on his porch coming up with stories with his old Basset Hound, Cohutt, at his home in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Eli has had many Cameos and supporting roles as a part of the The CastIron Carousel with, perhaps, his most powerful role as an institutionalized prisoner in "The Madness at Moorgate Prison". He has been cast for the part of the Robot Surgeon in our upcoming play, NOTAMAN. Still, the Writer/Actor hopes to take on a truely challenging role as lead so he can test his mettle against some of his heroes and inspirations.

Eli Happ is an 18" tall marionette made of wood, fabric and polymer clay. He has 11 strings.