Eve Petunia Hadrian

Eve is the Daughter of the Inimitable Dr. Amiel Hadrian. Sadly for her, she and her father share little in common. Uninterested in science or the quest for new problems to solve, Eve lives only for closeness and affection. She wants to hug you but, unfortunately, she has the strength of a forklift. Unaware of this great strength and equally oblivious to her father's disapproval and revulsion at the idea of being touched, she seeks out contact and is again and again rebuffed, or worse, guilty of crushing or smothering the poor soul who is unlucky enough to fall into her loving embrace. Though grown, her mind remains that of a small child, alternately ecstatic at the wonders of the world and devastated by the rejection of her by same. Eve is caught in an endless, timeless cycle of searching and losing without the faculties to escape.

Eve is a 14" tall Marionette made of Wood, Polymer clay, resin and fabric. She has 11 strings.