Walter Schmitty

Walter Schmitty has been a stage and character actor since his early twenties and premiered in the production of “The Madness at Moorgate Prison” with The CastIron Carousel in 2004. His hangdog looks and soulful eyes have garnered him a small but devoted following with this troupe as well as from his earlier career. Schmitty has a depth and understanding in his performance which is unmatched by many of his contemporaries which he attributes to the nearly debilitating amount of empathy he had through his childhood which allowed him to stand inside another's shoes so completely, he even gave the bullies a pass because he just knew where they were coming from.

Walter Schmitty has played prisoners and priests with the CastIron Carousel and is currently cast as Lenny in our production of Meeses Peeces, a play based on John Steinbeck's, Of Mice and Men.

Walter Schmitty is 18" made of wood, polymer clay and fabric. he has 9 strings.